Welcome to Base!

Getting started with Base is very easy. Whether you're building a new web app or creating a mobile-first website, it has got your back.

Before you start coding

Please make sure you have the following:

  • Good understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Code editor such as Sublime Text
  • LESS compiler such as Prepros
  • A calm and open mind :)

Grab the latest download

Below are a few ways to get the latest build:

  1. Download the source code directly from Github
  2. Install and manage Base using Bower
    bower install base

What's in the box?

After extracting Base, you will find the following folder / file structure:

  |-- index.html
  |-- style.css
  |-- readme.markdown
  |-- .htaccess
  |-- less/
    |-- style.less
    |-- base/
      |-- _blockquotes.less
      |-- _code.less
      |-- _forms.less
      |-- _global.less
      |-- _grid.less
      |-- _helpers.less
      |-- _lists.less
      |-- _mixins.less
      |-- _print.less
      |-- _resets.less
      |-- _tables.less
      |-- _variables.less
  |-- img/
    |-- favicon.png
    |-- apple-touch-icon.png
    |-- apple-touch-icon-72x72.png
    |-- apple-touch-icon-114x114.png
  |-- js/
    |-- default.js
    |-- ie8.min.js
    |-- vendor/
      |-- jquery-1.11.2.min.js
      |-- modernizr.min.js

Let's get moving!

Now that you have the latest download, let's take a closer look at the HTML template.

Looking for V1 documentation?

View the old documentation.